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Can we talk about Crooked Kingdom for a minute?

Ok so I meant to post this about a month ago but apparently my computer didn’t save what I had written (which is so sad because I had basically written another novel about how much I love this novel). But that might be a good thing because now I’ll only take maybe 1000000 words? (I… Continue reading Can we talk about Crooked Kingdom for a minute?

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Ships Ahoy!

Hello! Welcome to the alternate universe where I actually keep to my posting schedule! This is really incredible for me haha. Next up is making my instagram schedule more constant. When I was trying to think up what to write about, I think I subconsciously decided to pick one of the most controversial topics out… Continue reading Ships Ahoy!

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My Struggles with being Words, Pages, Books

So, some of you might’ve noticed that I haven’t been active… for like, 3 months. This coming from someone who wanted to post twice a week, which admittedly didn’t happen, even at the beginning. Oh, how the somewhat mighty have fallen. But, something that I tell myself whenever I start beating myself up over something… Continue reading My Struggles with being Words, Pages, Books

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Childhood Favourites

Hello everyone and welcome to SUMMER! It’s getting nice enough here that I can wear cute clothing and read outside. Reading outside always reminds me of when I was younger - we used to go on family trips and I would bring 4 or 5 books and just read constantly. That really annoyed my brother… Continue reading Childhood Favourites