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Childhood Favourites

Hello everyone and welcome to SUMMER! It’s getting nice enough here that I can wear cute clothing and read outside. Reading outside always reminds me of when I was younger – we used to go on family trips and I would bring 4 or 5 books and just read constantly. That really annoyed my brother haha. I was home for a week this winter and while I was looking at my bookshelf I realized just how many books I used to read as a kid. And it got me thinking – what were some of my favourite childhood books? So without further ado, here are some that I loved!

1) The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

To this day I still remember this series. It follows Josh and Sophie, two 15 year olds who are living in San Francisco for a summer, and how they get caught up in the world of the immortal Nicholas Flamel and the Elder race. I just re-read the first book in the series (I think there’s six if my memory is correct) and while it wasn’t as amazing as I remember it being, I really enjoyed it. It had everything that younger me would have loved – mythology, fantasy, and a bit of actual history to it.


2) A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

This one I’m a little more foggy on, but I remember being so wrapped up in this book that I couldn’t put it down. It’s about Meg, her friend Calvin, and her little brother Charles Wallace, and their journey to find Meg & Charles’ father. Right after I finished this book, I found out there was four more in the series, and so of course I read those. Time travel and space aliens? Again, younger me had great taste.

3) The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill

This book was (for a very, very long time) my favourite book. Ever. It might still be. Every single character that was introduced was amazing, and everything the characters went through in the book was nail-biting. The novel follows Thirrin, princess of the Icemark, and her campaign against an invading army that is sure to crush them without the help of her people’s sworn enemies – the vampires, warlocks, giant SNOW LEOPARDS? Literally amazing. There were sequels but this was the one book where I decided that I loved the ending enough that I didn’t want to chance ruining it. I’m planning on rereading it again this summer, so I’ll probably write a review on that one later. But seriously, if you haven’t read it, then you should.


4) The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse

I think I cry every time I read this book. It was one of the first books (potentially the only book) that used a change in font to map the change in a character. At first the font is large, and then shrinks to 12 point font. Its interesting because at first you think that it’s due to the protagonist becoming more educated. But what it really is indicative of is her happiness. I’m sure the story is impossible, but for a kid who loved swimming and dolphins, I hoped that this was true.


I’m sure there’s more, but for now that’s all!

Have a good day ducks!




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