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Where have I been!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted so I figured that I owed everyone a little explanation as to where I’ve been (hint: I haven’t actually left my apartment that much, but my brain has been in outer space!).

Since COVID-19 started my life has been thrown off a bit like a lot of people. I’m a Master’s student currently, and so I had to quickly adapt to working from home for the end of my school semester, and then also had to redesign my Master’s research project. Which honestly, is still an ongoing process (once I’m done writing this I’m going to go do some readings). As I mentioned briefly in a previous post, I have ADHD, and so making the transition to such a loosely structured schedule was really difficult. But now I’ve made myself a more or less strict schedule that I try to adhere to everyday, and while it doesn’t always work, I think I’m getting better.

I have a small garden with tomatoes, strawberries and peppers! My strawberry just ripened :’)

My past month has also been occupied with a lot of Black Lives Matters issues. I would like to state loudly and clearly that Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, Indigenous lives matter, BIPOC lives matter, Trans lives matter, LGBTQIA2S+ lives matter. I have no tolerance for racism, bigotry, or discrimination in my life or on my blog, and if you have a problem with this then either you can talk to me to get a better understanding of these issues, or you are free to leave.

In light of the George Floyd protests in the US I’ve been going to protests, trying to do more concrete anti-racist work like donating, signing petitions, and making a conscious effort to expand my reading list. I’ve done a few book orders from a local bookstore and I think 95% of the books that I have ordered have been written by BIPOC authors or are ethnographic works done in close concert with their subject (The Life and Death of Aida Hernandez).

I made an embroidery of the retina’s neural circuit! 🙂

Quarantine has also been an incredibly productive time for me reading wise. I think I’ve read like 30 books since March 13th or something? It is really astounding how much my reading is impacted by school – having more free time really allows me to do what I love. And I know that that is such an obvious statement, but as a student it’s hard to take that time! Thanks to this newfound freedom to read I’ve basically gotten through my TBR pile here, and can now finally buy new books without a lingering sense of guilt coming from my bookshelves lol.

Other than that my life has been fairly standard aka staying home, wearing a mask when I go out, and trying to keep myself and the people around me safe. I hope that you all have been doing the same and are well. What are some things that you’ve been doing a lot of during quarantine? Have you gotten through your TBR? Let me know, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Have a good day ducks!
~ Mon

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