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Blog Log #5!

Wow where did August go?? It's literally the 20th and I feel like I haven't done anything this summer. That's an over exaggeration - I've done a boat load. But everything seems to flit away when I try to think of all I did haha. Big things? I'm going into my final year of my… Continue reading Blog Log #5!

12 Days of Christmas 2017, Writing Pieces

Old Books and New Books

It's the last day of Christmas and to end off my blogging blitz I thought that I would talk about how my book taste has changed over the years. Obviously, changes in tastes occur naturally and as you grow up you become interested in different topics and genres. I've definitely seen a change in my… Continue reading Old Books and New Books

12 Days of Christmas 2017, Writing Pieces

Blog Log #3

Hello! I'm actually so impressed at home (semi) regularly I've been blogging these past few days. I'm still one post behind but I'll post twice tomorrow to make up for that (I can't take having a 12 days of Christmas tag and not have 12 posts). Today I'm going to do my first blog log… Continue reading Blog Log #3

12 Days of Christmas 2017

Christmas Haul (part 2)

Its BOXING DAY! I don't really know what the purpose of boxing day is, but I figured it would be a good day to show my non-book gifts that are still in certain fandoms! Up first, I got a really cute ornament of the TARDIS! I used to be super into Doctor Who, but I… Continue reading Christmas Haul (part 2)

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My Struggles with being Words, Pages, Books

So, some of you might’ve noticed that I haven’t been active… for like, 3 months. This coming from someone who wanted to post twice a week, which admittedly didn’t happen, even at the beginning. Oh, how the somewhat mighty have fallen. But, something that I tell myself whenever I start beating myself up over something… Continue reading My Struggles with being Words, Pages, Books