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Blog Log #1

Hello and happy Sunday!

I hope your weekend has been good so far. I feel like in some ways I’ve been very productive while in others I’ve totally slacked. For instance, I had been planning on posting on Friday night, and yet here we are two days later. Good reason for not posting an Instagram pic on Friday though – my phone completely spiderwebbed, and as that is how I take my photos I had to wait a couple days. There will be a new one up today or tomorrow, and I’m hoping to be fairly consistent after that. But on the other hand I fixed up my closet, spent a lot of time with friends, and also am nearly done my 3rd MCAT book.


My current reads

As I said in my last post, today I’m just going to tell y’all whats up in my life. I’m two weeks into my job as the arts & crafts coordinator in my camp, and so far it’s been going well. All the crafts have works and the kids are seeming to have a good time. I spent a bit of time today getting some wooden dowels ready for this week, we’re going to have a Harry Potter day and make wands, floating candles, and watch the first movie! I’m so excited because there’s some kids that haven’t seen HP at all, and I really want to make this first experience awesome!

I’ve also been reading a lot, but unfortunately it’s mostly textbooks. I’m writing the MCAT on Sept. 1, and I have another exam sometime in August, so I’ve been reviewing a lot. I don’t have a ton of time to spend on my leisure reading, which really sucks. I’m halfway through ‘A Farewell to Arms’ by Ernest Hemingway, and I’m enjoying it so far. The writing style is very continuous and I really do like the story. I’m also chipping away at some sonnets by Shakespeare, but those are definitely on the back burner. Next I’m going to be reading ‘Are You Sleeping’ by Kathleen Barber, an ARC I received from Simon & Schuster Canada (thank you thank you thank you). I have a couple ARCs that I want to review before I go back to Quebec, and I also picked up Crooked Kingdom and Kings Cage yesterday (oops) so I hope I can finish those this summer as well. 

Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber (so excited to read!) 


In other news, I fixed up my closet today, and also got a new phone. It’s the Huawei P10, and I really like it. But, last night I was having so much trouble syncing it to my Fitbit (which is probably my favourite piece of tech in the world). And I was so upset that I just started bawling and I could not stop. I just cried and cried and finally was like ‘ok, i need to watch some YouTube because this is not working”. So I watched some GameGrumps and instantly felt better. Funny how something that’s kinda foolish can lift your spirits so much.  

So now I’m off to go finish my Biochem review. I’m very proud of how much I’m getting done, but I’m also terrified that nothing is sticking. Has anyone who’s written the MCAT have advice for me? I’m very open to anything haha.


That’s all from me for now ducks. I’ll be posting a review of ‘The Last Magician’ on Tuesday, be sure to check it out, and also keep an eye out on my Instagram for some new pics with my snazzy new camera!

Have a great day,

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