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Reading update!

Hello hello! Welcome to more than halfway through February! What a month and a half it’s been. Despite being really busy with school and my new commitments, I somehow managed to do quite a bit of reading. Of course, I’m still hacking away at London (I’m honestly just impressed that I’m almost halfway through it) but I managed to read quite a few smaller books.

Cozy in bed~

In January I read three books in total:
1 – Blue is the Warmest Colour
2 – All the Crooked Saints
3 – The Song of Achilles

In February I’ve read so far:
1 – Shatter Me
2 – Unravel Me
3 – Ignite Me
4 – Chalice

You can find my reviews of all of these under my reviews tag!


I find it super funny because other than Song of Achilles, I did not stick to my reading plan for January at all. Which, if I’m being honest, I knew would happen. I’m not one to set a cut-in-stone plan for my reading. I read what I wanted to when I wanted to, and I think ultimately that’s really key to enjoying what you’re reading. If it feels like a chore or a task you have to accomplish then you’re in no way going to enjoy the book as much as you would when you’re excited to turn that page, your eyes keep skipping to the next sentence. That is just such a good feeling (although bad for spoiling a scene for yourself).

I know that overall I have certain books I want to read in the near future – I have a couple from Simon & Schuster CA that I need to review, and there’s some other shorter ones that would be easy to gobble up. I’m also getting back into reading with my Kobo and discovering all of my old books and tastes (that where the Shatter me series came from haha). So hopefully I’ll keep up this pace and keep reading.


I’m not currently planning on buying anymore new books for a while (gotta whittle down that TBR pile) but if you have any books that I should look out for let me know!

That’s all for now loves, have a lovely week!
– Mon

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