12 Days of Christmas 2017, Writing Pieces

Blog Log #3

Hello! I’m actually so impressed at home (semi) regularly I’ve been blogging these past few days. I’m still one post behind but I’ll post twice tomorrow to make up for that (I can’t take having a 12 days of Christmas tag and not have 12 posts). Today I’m going to do my first blog log of the year! Here’s to this being a more regular thing in 2018.

So as most of you could probably guess, I’m on winter break right now and I’m back home. It was so nice to leave Montreal for a little bit and get out of what had come to be a really stressful environment. Getting to have time with my family and friends was a much needed break, and I’m glad to say that I’ve done very little this past week and a half. What I’ve been concentrating on is seeing friends and doing things that I really love which includes:

  • Sewing! This past week I’ve made three tote bags that I am SUPER proud of. I made one as a gift for my friend Laura, one for my mom, and one for my cousin and her son. It was so great to get back into something that I love, and I wish that I had a sewing machine in Montreal so that I could keep making things. I also wish I lived closer to the fabricville there but that’s never going to happen (it’s so far away from my school).
  • Cooking! I have made so many new delicious recipes this break that I’m super proud of. I’m definitely going to work more on meal prepping this term than I did last term, and it’s really encouraging to find mew recipes that are easy to make and taste great. I also have made some really good desserts, so you know that I’m going to be killing the potluck scene lol.
  • Photography! Well, kind of. You know what, I could taking photos for bookstagram as photography because so many people put a lot of effort into their photos. Its sometimes unbelievable how incredible a lot of posts are. Anyways, yesterday I spent nearly two hours taking what I believe to be the best photos I’ve ever taking for my bookstagram (and hopefully tomorrow I’m going to take a couple more!). I have more than enough to last me a few weeks (perhaps more if I space them out a little bit) and I’ve never been in a position where I have planned so well for my bookstagram.
  • Watching Netflix! My dad and I have been having a MAJOR Netflix fest. We’ve watched season 1 of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, and we’re nearly through season 2 of DD. I even got my mom and brother to join us (and now my plan of getting my family hooked on the Marvel shows is complete! *insert evil laugh here*). I’m a little worried for time though because we need to get in our Lord of the Rings binge fest as well and I only have two more nights here EEP.

Today I also spent a ton of time with my mentor and really good friend. Shes been a huge inspiration in my life, and it was nice to catch up with her! Not only that, but we played flute duets for nearly an hour and it was such a big motivation for me to keep practicing my music. Health-wise I’m doing really well. I’ve been eating well and healthily (other than all that chocolate I’ve been eating) and I’m trying to get back into my workout routine.

Even with all this relaxing that I’m doing, I’m kind of excited to go back to school. Having classes and a set routine is something that’s really nice and keeps me busy, plus I can’t wait to see my friends again! I’m going to be making a lot of changes to my schedule this term, as I just got a lab position with one of my professors meaning that I’m probably going (read: I am going to) be quitting my job. I’m probably also going to be joining a band, but that might also mean cutting back on my other volunteering? I’m still trying to sort everything out. The changes are making me nervous but I know that I can’t overload myself, especially if I want to be able to read more this year and have more time to devote to my studies. It’ll be a good term for sure though, I know that much!

What are your plans for this term? Any changes coming your way? Let me know in the comments below!
Have a good night ducks!

PS – these are the bags I made!

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