12 Days of Christmas 2017

Christmas Haul (part 2)

Its BOXING DAY! I don’t really know what the purpose of boxing day is, but I figured it would be a good day to show my non-book gifts that are still in certain fandoms!

Up first, I got a really cute ornament of the TARDIS! I used to be super into Doctor Who, but I don’t have a lot of time to watch it now, especially with no TV in my apartment haha. I watched religiously up until the end of Matt Smith’s time as the Doctor. I think I stopped watching mainly because I didn’t really like Clara. I was fine with Capaldi as the Doctor, but with the combo of both of them as the leading characters I found that I wasn’t that interested in keeping up. BUT! Now that Jodie Whittaker is the Doctor and we have a new companion coming in, I think I’ll go back and catch up. I loved the 5 seconds of her that we had last night!

Secondly, I got a little book of Charlie Brown stickers and the christmas tree from “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. It even came with Linus’ blanket. I really love that movie (mainly because of how incredible the message, music and characters are) and I was super surprised by this little trinket!


Then I got a TIME TURNER! I don’t know if you guys dreamed about getting a real one as much as I did, but after seeing Hermoine spin that thing I dreamed about having one! My dad got me one this year and it even came with a little book! Time to go rewatch all the Harry Potter movies lol.

Enter a caption

Finally, I got some really incredible mugs! I am constantly drinking tea or hot chocolate or something warm, and I got some really really cool mugs. One of them is just a mug with a bunch of classical novels on it! I love the spines of the books, and its really helped with suggestions for my TBR lol.


The second mug I got is probably my favourite out of all of these things. It’s one of those mugs that has small patches that become transparent when they have warm beverages in them. And the design is a ton of banned book titles, with most of the words redacted! And then adding tea/hot chocolate REMOVES THE BLACK STREAKS! Ugh I just love it. Again, helps with my TBR and is just overall extremely cool (can you tell how much I love this mug?).


Again, to everyone who celebrated, I hope that you had a great day/you’re still enjoying the holidays. To everyone who didn’t, I hope your Monday was great and you have a good week! And to everyone who is potentially not having a good time this week, I’m here if you ever want to talk!

Enjoy the holidays!

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