Writing Pieces

Blog Log #2

Oct. 2017

Hello again and welcome to this edition of Monika updates you on her life (which is basically books and school).

So my third year of university got off at a run this year – I feel like summer never even happened and I’m just continuing on from last year. Of course, the fact that I studied all summer contributed to that, but I really would’ve liked a bit more of a break! I wrote an exam for my school AND the MCAT at the end of August, and then had a long weekend and now I’m back at it. School so far has been pretty good – I’m in a lot of cool classes and I’m enjoying it. I’m also doing pretty well so far (except that quiz that i bombed this morning oops) which is so nice. We’re also moving into cooler weather after a RIDICULOUS heat wave and I couldn’t be happier (sweater weather best weather).

I’m taking 5 courses this year, and also working and volunteering. I’m very very busy but I’m surprised at how much I like it – it’s kind of comforting to always have something to do, but I’m not exactly looking forward to exam time. That won’t be fun haha. It really sucks because around Halloween (my FAVOURITE ‘holiday’) I have 3 big assessments, so no Rocky Horror Picture Show showing for me lol.

Like any grown adult I bought myself flowers

My reading goal for October is to read 3 books – I’ve already finished one too. Last night I wrapped up and reviewed Could it Happen Here by Michael Adams and I was really impressed by it. I’m a little more excited for Strange Fires just because it’s fiction and seems to be sci-fi which is more up my alley but I really enjoyed Could it Happen Here. I mostly liked how Adam wasn’t afraid to lightly bash Canada for being seen as “perfect” when we can be pretty shit sometimes. That was refreshing.

I think what I’m most excited for this October is buying more books. I don’t think I bought one this summer – which is wild. I’m also on a tight budget but I think I can splurge on a few books. I’m especially excited for Maggie Steifvater’s new book “All the Crooked Saints” and also Leigh Bardugo’s new book (I don’t even know the name haha). Those are just two but I’m sure once I get to Chapters I’m going to lose all self control.

Leave me some suggestions for books down in the comments – I’m always looking to expand my library ❤ ❤ (or also suggestions for a halloween costume!)

(Happy Halloween month!)

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