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Favourite Netflix Shows!

Hello all! With winter break coming to an end, I’ve spent way too much time watching Netflix. So just so you know more about me, I thought that I would share some of my favourite shows. You know, other than Stranger Things, the Marvel shows, all the regular favourites. But, to put a twist on it, I’ll describe them in my own words without any brushing up on the shows themselves lol. These are presented in no certain order, just in my Netflix viewing history haha.

  1. X-Files
    ALIENS ARE REAL! Or at least agent Mulder of the FBI believes they are. When straight-lace agent Scully, a medical doctor is paired with Mulder in an effort to get him on the straight and narrow, shes sucked into his world of bizarre murders and crimes, where not a lot makes sense and the spooky is normal. Mulder’s whole obsession with the supernatural stems from his sisters disappearance years ago, and he follows clues that not only lead to her but also lead to a larger subplot in the government.
    – I love spooky shows (even though I’m a scaredy cat) and I also love both Scully and Mulder. Their relationship is so incredible, I would watch the show just for them.
  2. Schitt$ Creek
    Rich people with no conscious become poor people who suddenly need to be decent to the people around them. They’re on the fourth season now on CBC, and I’m so happy that it’s going strong. They have to grow conscious’ to be able to survive in the small town of Schitts Creek, which the father had bought as a prank gift for his son (who funnily enough are actually father and son in real life). They have to grow up and create new relationships all the while learning that money isn’t everything.
    – Literally so funny! Can’t wait for season 4
  3. Sense8
    So somehow, eight people from different corners of the world are linked and become sensates due to the death of a woman named Angelica, their ‘mother’. They can communicate each other through a mental link and they can also be projected to the other’s sensates location where are real to each other but not to anyone else. They all have the same birthday, and once their ‘born’ they’re in danger from an organization that is hunting sensates.
    -I’ve currently only seen season 1, but I’ll hopefully catch up for the beginning of school!
  4. The 100
    In this post-apocalyptic society, earth is believed to be uninhabitable – after the nuclear war, everything was destroyed and the last of humanity was sent into space on the Ark. But now, the spaceship is running out of oxygen and the Ark is running out of options. As a last ditch resort, they seen 100 teenagers who are currently in the hold (aka juvenile delinquents) on a dangerous mission to earth – whether or not the earth in inhabitable is unknown. This show starts off with the kids knowing practically nothing, and going on to survive on their own – along the way they get high, they discover new secrets about the earth pre and post apocalypse, and learn about the very nature of being human.
    – Let me tell you this show (while, yes, some aspects of it are not perfect) is one of my favourites. I love some of the characters, and the developments they go through are so wild and inventive. I’m super excited for season 5!
  5. Dear White People
    CHECK YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGE AT THE DOOR PLS! (I say this as a white woman -I’m very aware that I’m saying this as someone who has never (and will never) be subject to racism). I LOVED this show. I watched it at the end of school last year in like one day – it’s probably the last show that I binge watched and I was SO impressed. I loved Sam, I loved how she is unapologetically herself in every instance. Honestly, every single character in this show was incredible. I think Sam and Lionel were my favourite characters. Showing the way black people experience micro-aggressions and large scale racism was a very visceral part of the show, and I think it’s super important to address that in television, especially when it’s normally swept under the rug.
    – When is season 2????
  6. Crazyhead
    Demon hunting badass chicks who kind of dont know what they’re doing but learning as they go! Bowling alley worker Amy meets Raquel one day when she saves her from being demon food. They set out to exterminate the demons near them and in the process end up battling legions of evil, fighting for their loved ones, and running ‘head down, balls out’ into trouble.
    – The friendship between Amy and Raquel is precious. I’m anxious for a second season, because that little scene at the end?? Pls give me more!
  7. Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency
    Weird things are happening in Frodo’s… sorry I mean Todd’s life. He’s suddenly involved in a murder investigation that he really has no idea about and a weird guy named Dirk Gently is suddenly trying to be his friend. When they, along with Todd’s sister Amanda, start investigating the disappearance of a young girl, they meet Ken (a hacker/electrician), Bart (she murders people), Farah (a kick-ass bodyguard), The Rowdy 3 (a gang? who kind of have a mystery machine), and a cat-shark. What does this all mean? You’ll need to watch to find out – I don’t think I can explain it.

Of these shows, Schitts Creek, Sense8, The 100, Dear White People have confirmed queer people. Sense8, The 100, Dear White People, Crazyhead, and Dirk Gently’s have POC main characters and have average to good diversity. All of them have really strong and badass female leads. This doesn’t negate their negatives, it’s just that I enjoy these shows and like the characters.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions for shows similar to this, let me know! I’m always open to new shows to binge watch! Have a good night ducks!

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