12 Days of Christmas 2017, Lists by Mon

Favourite Book Quizzes

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite ways to waste time is by taking pointless buzzfeed quizzes. And while I’m known to take a lot of their food quizzes, I’m also faulted for being a sucker for their book quizzes. Who doesn’t love being told what their age is based on their book preference? Or what I should read next based on my dream fireplace?
In essence I love the fact that buzzfeed tries to sort out my entirely random answers into a intelligible type. SO if you love being told what to read (or like being given a horribly wrong answer, and then rebelling against said answer until you must finally come to accept that you should have read 1984 20 year ago when buzzfeed suggested it) here are some quizzes to sate that desire!

How much of a book addict are you? 

Do you love Lord of the Rings? 

Should you open a library? 

Need more help choosing a 2017 YA novel? 

What book should you read on a cozy night in? 

Did you read books from 2017? Surprisingly, I didn’t…

DO you judge books based on their cover?

Hold old are you really? 

Harry Potter Quizzes:

House sorting

Now sort food into these houses

Mini-quizzes (I like the potions one the best) 

Patronus quiz

Other Quizzes:
Are you a demigod, wizard, or jedi?

Marvel character quiz

Match these fandoms

Which Greek Hero are you? 

Who’s your Godly parent?

How well do you know Apollo?

I hope this helps you procrastinate! Enjoy!

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