Cafe Collection

Cafe Collection #4

If you’ve been following my blog recently, you’ll know that I’ve been doing a new segment called cafe collection. My one problem with it is that I tend to visit too many cafes in too short of a time span. So like, I have at least 5 to talk about at any given time. My solution? I’m going to do an August cafe dump! Where have I been this month? What has been my favourite? Well, now you’ll know!

  1. Cafe Neve – 151 Rue Rachel E
    – Award: Best London Fog in town! Absolutely delicious, and great price (I think it’s around 3.50, which is generally pretty good for a specialty drink)
    – really nice atmosphere and friendly staff. They seem to have an area in the back reserved for work space, and the tables are mostly reserved for non-computer work, I’m not sure how much they enforce this rule though. It’s a really cozy spot and I’m sure that I’ll be spending some Saturdays here!
The BEST London Fog in Town (in my humble opinion)

2. Le Faubourg – 4141 Rue Saint Denis
– Award: Good Tea, Good Price! I had the Anastasia Kusmi tea and it was delicious, and also they give you a full tea pot of it (fair size too) for around 3.50 if my memory serves correctly. These cafes are my favourite because I find you get a good bang for your buck (aka more tea for those tea addicts out there like myself!).
– There are a ton of tables around which is great for people looking for work spots. Outlets seems available and readily accessible. My one complaint: the barista wasn’t really down for speaking English with me, so I stumbled along in French. Just a warning – if you’re completely anglo then practice ordering things in French!


3. Cafe 45 – 131 Rue Prince-Arthur E
– Award: Lemonade of the Summer! I came here one of my first days back and it just so happened to be a super warm and humid day. I thought that I would try out their homemade mango lemonade and WOW! I was blown away. Great flavour, really refreshing, and a huge glass of it to top it off. For the remainder of our warm days I know where Ill be going!
– Again, this is a great place to work! There are big tables and lots of space. The decor is super cool, and gives the cafe a really nice vibe. Theres almost a store in the back where you can buy tea and pasta stuff, and it has other things for sale like cards and vegan alternatives to milk and stuff. Plus there are succulents everywhere! Big windows let in a lot of light, so its lovely on sunny days.


4. Cafe Nocturne – 19 Rue Prince-Arthur O
– Award: Best Terrace! I honestly feel like I’m so far away from the city when I’m out there. It’s so quiet, full of nice lights, there are trees and plants everywhere. It’s the perfect spot to relax outdoors but still be close to the hustle and bustle of St. Laurent.
– This spot is smaller than the other cafes I’ve mentioned, except for maybe Neve. It has maybe 12 spots for working inside near outlets, which are normally fairly busy. But if you get there at a good time you’re golden. It’s honestly worth it. They give you pots of tea (maybe a little smaller than Faubourg, but still a pot of tea!) and have delicious treats! This cafe is a classic for me studying with friends on the way back to my apartment from campus. Also, they have great London Fogs.


5. Cafe Replika – 252 Rue Rachel E
– Award: Best Study Space! I’m so biased to Replika, it’s my go to for studying on the weekends. It’s very close to my apartment so it’s very accessible, there are a ton of tables for work, and its generally a cozy and nice atmosphere (I have been there when a marching band is practicing though, which is weird but not that bad? just maybe not the best for quiet study).
– The staff here is super accommodating. They will try to do anything you ask, generally with pretty good results (aka I ordered a London Fog which isn’t on their menu and they just went with it!). They also have great food and treats. Personally, I find their brownies have too many nuts in them (that’s always my issues with brownies) but thats minor. Again, it’s a great study spot, and has great atmosphere! Also going to be one of my go-to study spots this year haha.

So that’s been my August! I’m hoping to visit a few more before the summer is over, and maybe visit more cafe in September, both old and new! Let me know some of your favourite cafes, they dont even have to be in Montreal! I’m always looking for good places to hang out in new cities!

That’s all for now ducks, I’ll see you next week!
~ Mon

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