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Cafe Collection #2

While back in Newfoundland I’ve spent a lot of time study and expanded my (very limited) knowledge of cafes in St. John’s. I normally just spend my time at Jumping Bean, seeing as there is a tragic shortage of non-chain cafes here. But I think I might have just discovered a new winner. Georgetown Cafe and Bookshelf is such a wonderful place to work and relax that I just had to pop out my phone and snap some more pics for my second cafe collection post!

Located across from the famous Georgetown bakery (can someone say best bagels in town???) the first thing you’ll be thinking about is parking. Down the street from the cafe, there is a park where you can park for your stay in the cafe. I’m sure there’s on-street parking as well, but you run the risk of parking in a permit-only area and maybe getting ticketed. I would recommend parking by the park just to be safe.

Inside is a super quaint and cosy environment. With only a few tables and window seats, seating is rather limited, but I’ve never had a problem finding somewhere to sit down and study. It seems like there is a fairly big take-out component to the cafe which is nice – its good to see business high and still have lots of room to sit down. There’s also free wifi and good charging stations.

What I also love about this cafe is that it’s a lending bookshelf as well. In the back of the cafe, there are two big shelves filled with books that patrons can borrow while in the cafe and read during their stay. This is SUCH a great idea, and I love that anyone can go in and relax with a novel while enjoying their coffee.

On the food side of things, I was really impressed with the selection and price. Not only were their beverages very reasonably priced, but they had a large selection of both hot and cold drinks available, as well as water that you could just take to a side of the bar. The food was also really impressive – not only do they stock Georgetown bagels (how could you not, being right next to that bakery would make we buy fresh bagels every day!) but they have a large selection of sandwiches and have a lot of vegetarian options!

Since it’s summer I’ve only ever had iced tea while there, but it was really nicely brewed and refreshing. I found that the environment is perfect for studying, and I was able to get a lot done in just a couple hours of sitting at my computer and clicking away.

Finding this cafe was such a bonus about being home. Jumping Bean is nice but its always great to find a new spot to study, and I really love supporting local businesses. Safe to say that this cafe will see a lot more of me in the future when I’m back in NL.


I’m heading back to Montreal soon, so I’ll be back to reviewing mtl based cafes shortly. I’m also hoping to finish Cloud Atlas very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that reivew!

Thats all for now ducks! Have a great weekend~
– Mon

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