Cafe Collection

Cafe Collection #1

Happy summer!! I cannot tell you how relieved I am to finally be done winter term! It felt both extremely long and super short at the same time. I’m still in school (doing a summer course, yay!) but having a light workload is really a relief haha. And having less to do means I can visit more cafes! So what I’ve decided to do is expand my repertoire – I’m going to review cafes!

I’m only half kidding haha. I love all cafe equally. But what I’m going to do is tell you about them so that you can get your butt out of your house and explore Montreal, while also knowing what cafe are quiet enough to read in, close too other things, and affordable!

First up: Café Myriade|Dominion Square

So yesterday I was hanging out downtown before going to see Avengers: Infinity War (😭) and as any good bookworm does I had a book on me. So what better to do than to explore a café I’ve had my eye on for a while, and get to do some reading!

Note: getting to this café, while not really difficult, can be disorienting and a little stressful lol. I saw the sign on the street and was like perfect!… And the continued to walk into a clothing store? Basically, when you walk in, you’re in Club Monaco, and to get to the cafe you need to go to the back of the store and down a set of stairs. So really – not that hard, but confusing, and also sad because I saw so much nice clothes that I undoubtedly cannot afford haha.

Said set of stairs down to the cafe is very grand!

When you get downstairs is where it gets really nice. The counter is right at the bottom of the stairs, with seating to the left of it. The seating is very very comfy – it’s like a sectional couch but in teal and very big haha.

The staff was really friendly when I got there. I ordered a chai latte – it cost around 4 dollars which is pretty standard, and it was a regular size mug. I love looking for cafés that have ‘bargains’ but I think that for what you get its a fair price.

In regards to environment, I really liked it. Other than some other customers who were a little loud (but realistically, you’re in public, you can’t command people to be silent lol) it was very nice. The seating was comfy, the staff didn’t bother me. I didn’t know that the café closed at 7 and they didn’t even ask me to leave (don’t worry I left on time lol). Overall I was really pleased with the atmosphere.

Furthermore, it’s in a great location. Its on St. Catherines, so right downtown. It is however not accessible (at least I didn’t notice an way to access it by wheelchair, but I could be wrong). I’m excited to have a new cafe that’s close to campus and other attractions. Another plus – it’s right next to the cinema, so the next time you want to go and watch some Avengers or other movies, you’re set!

Overall, I really enjoyed this café! I’ll definitely be returning here!

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