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Bookmarks are growing on me…

Good morning all! What a week! My spring break/reading week has officially begun and I’m so excited to see my family. I’m planning on doing so much this week, with studying, reading and hanging out with friends and family all on my schedule. But first, I thought that I would do my very first product review. Bear with me, I’m not too sure how to structure this.

Today I’m hoping to introduce you to the wonder bookmarks by Emma of @ourbookmarks on Instagram, or they can be found on Etsy here (heads up they are currently taking a break from making bookmarks but when they come back please support them!). Their products are really beautiful, and I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Instagram for some of their works. I basically bought the rest of the ones that I don’t own haha.

Little notes make everything so much more personal

First off, the packaging that they come in is beautiful – they come in a sweet little brown envelope with the company name on it (seen in the picture below) and then also contains a hand written letter. Everything is written in beautiful water-colour cursive – if I tried that I’m pretty sure that I would go through about 25 envelopes before I could be happy with the end product. Furthermore, they’re shipped really quickly. I got mine within a really reasonable time frame, given the fact that they were shipped from Hong Kong to Montreal.

So far, I have bookmarks mainly from two fandoms – The Raven Cycle, and Throne of Glass. Then I have some more from other books, movies and then a succulent patterned-bookmark, which is quite genuinely one of the cutest things I’ve seen. Side note – succulents are my favourite plant, and are the only plants that I trust myself to keep alive haha.

I still haven’t seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but I love the Bowtruckle bookmark

The patterns are done with water colour paints. I’ve wanted to pick up painting more this year, and I have all of the materials needed – just need to practice haha. These bookmarks really show me how many things you can do with water colour, and I’m inspired to try more techniques like this. I really love the techniques that Emma used too – all the different shades of green in the Cabeswater bookmark, the drips on the night court and the trees speak latin, and the beautiful background of the bowtruckle bookmarks are all so lovely.

Also, like I said before, I have no idea how Emma did the cursive so perfectly. The combination of cursive and printing is so nice too – I love the combination of the two types of writing. It sometimes hits me how cursive isn’t very popular anymore, and I wish that I practiced it more so that I’m better at it. Maybe just another thing that I’ll have to practice this summer.

Look at the trees and mountains! So beautiful! 

All the bookmarks are laminated, which really helps improve their lifespan. They fit well within the books, and don’t slide out easily. They all have little details that are lovely, like stippling or details from white pens. Overall, I think that these bookmarks have changed my mind on the product – before I used to just use scraps of paper or remember the page number. But I really see the point now – why not use a beautiful piece of art, dedicated to a book you love, while you’re also supporting great artists? I see no downside!

I think the only thing that Emma could work on is expanding the fandoms presented on the bookmarks. Right now they’re pretty insular, with only around 4 book series or fandoms shown on products. I think theres so many other almost less blockbuster series out there that would create lovely bookmarks.

My collection of bookmarks! 

I can’t wait to see what Emma comes up with when they return. I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

Have a nice day loves, and enjoy your weekend!
– Mon

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