My Reading Routine

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write about today, and I was having a hard time deciding. I thought about making another list, maybe of some my favourite books, or books with LGBTQ+ representation in. Then I thought about doing another review (which, spoiler alert, will be coming to you soon! I’m almost done the Assassin’s Blade! Who’s ready for many tears??). Finally, I decide to tell you all what you must be dying to know – what’s my reading routine.

I know, I’m divulging top secret information here. But everyone has slightly different reading routines, and I thought I’d share mine. I find that mine varies a lot – some days (when I have the time) I just stay in bed all day, flipping back and forth between watching Netflix and reading. Other times I’ll stay up until morning finished a book that I just can’t put down (*cough* A court of mist and fury *cough*). But I’m talking about the normal days, when I only get a bit of time before bed or during the day to read. So, without further ado, here is my ideal reading routine.

Step 1: Stop thinking about everything else. I find that if I’m really distracted or stressed about other things in my life, its really hard for me to focus on a book, no matter how good it is. So I like to take a bit before I start reading and just let go over everything else, and say “that can happen later, right now you get to take some time for yourself.”

Step 2: Get yourself a nice cup of tea/hot chocolate/coffee. Warm beverages always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (which, for the life of me, I CAN NOT figure out why). There’s something so calming about a cup of tea (which my friend Laura taught me) and I find it so nice to just sit down with a cup by me while I read.

Step 3: Have a blanket nearby, in case you get cold. If you’re out at a lovely café or library, bring a blanket anyway, and show those casual readers who’s the real pro.

Step 4: Get ready. You’re about to dive into a whole new reality. Make sure your seat belt is fastened, you have a box of tissues nearby (if it’s a love story) or a vial of holy water (if it’s a horror story) or a calculator (if it’s a sci fi novel and you need to double check those calculations because surely they couldn’t be that off).

Step 5: Have a note pad to write down how many times a novel passes the Bechdel test. Just for future reference.

Step 6: Begin your journey. Beware of flying pigs and bands of pirates. Fall hard for Darcy’s charm, and for Lizzie’s wit. Always have your hand at the level of your eye.

I started this off being serious, but really couldn’t keep it up. My point is that everyone has a different reading routine, and to tell you mine wouldn’t be interesting at all (unless you want to hear about that, and then of course I’ll actually tell you). But seriously, I think that reading should be as immersive as possible. That’s why I don’t listen to music as a general rule when I read. But like I said, you do you, and have fun with it (I was serious about the tea though, do yourself a favour and feel warm and fuzzy while you read!).

Anyways, until next time ducks!

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