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Hi everyone. I know that I posted yesterday, but I wanted to take a moment to comment on things going on right now in the US. Sometimes I find that it’s so easy to be like “oooh this is a blog about books, I shouldn’t comment on other things” but this is way too fucked up and against my values that I need to speak up.

The display of white supremacy, white terrorism, neo-nazism and anti-semetic/anti-black activity that occurred in Charlottesville this weekend was very scary and, quite frankly, disgusting. As a white woman who lives in Canada it’s easy to forget that such hatred still exists in our world today. But it is so important to always be cognizant of ours and others actions. It is not the responsibility of POC people to dismantle the systemic racism that we have developed, it is up to US, the white people, who CREATED this system, to take it apart and rebuild it.

It’s on us, and we can’t just say “oh yes, this is horrible, how terrible, I don’t support it”. Unless you are actively counteracting that hatred and working to change it, then you are a bystander and you are complicit in the system. Words mean very very little if you have the power and ability to do more and choose not to. You are allowing the hatred to continue, and you are part of the problem.

I know that this coming from a white woman probably means very little, but I whole heartedly believe that we have to do something if we want to see change. I’m currently living in a smaller town that is ridiculously removed from everything, but if I was in Montreal I would be at every rally, every protest, everything that shows support to the brave people who opposed the KKK rally last night. My heart is with everyone who was hurt, and especially the family of the woman who was killed.

In the wake of this is important to not become complacent – this isn’t going away and just because it becomes ‘invisible’ again, doesn’t mean it’s not there. We need to keep fighting it, and remember that those values will never have a place in our world today.

Id also like to say that the responses I have seen on Instagram have been incredible, and number of bookstagramers who have been condeming this is such an uplifting sight. Thanks for reading and remember to keep fighting. If we work together we can make things happen.

– Mon

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